I am a casual player, recently rather a spectator. I follow the major tournaments (especially if there is some Hungarian connection).

WBEC Ridderkerk chess engine tournament

Péter Lékó

Judit Polgár


After moving to Bethlehem, PA, I joined the prestigious Bach Choir of Bethlehem. Before that I used to be a member of St. Joseph's Church Choir in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I also enjoy playing the organ and the piano.

Make sure you know about Hauptwerk, the best digital organ simulation software. You won't believe your ears.

I have a two-manual organ console complete with a 32-note pedalboard and two expression pedals. I added MIDI to the console and I enjoy playing it every day. See my blog for a (rather sporadic) progess report. I (attempt to) play mostly baroque pieces. Detailed information will be posted here.

The Mutopia Project, an online collection of public domain music typeset with Lilypond.


I used to play chess, ping-pong and soccer regularly, and I fenced for a couple of years in Hungary and Canada.